Forms of conducting business activity in Poland

– capital companies (limited liability company – sp. z o.o. and joint-stock company – SA)

– partnerships (general partnership, professional partnership, limited partnership, private unlimited with share capital partnership)

– branch of a foreign entrepreneur

– agency of a foreign entrepreneur

– sole trader/self-employment (including within the framework of a civil partnership).


Defence and security sector

The defence and security industry is composed of the essential elements of the state’s economy. The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology supports these elements by implementing the tasks fostering the growth of competitiveness and innovation of the Polish economy, its internationalisation, industrial policy and effectiveness of investments, including in particular the share of the Polish industry in the EU initiatives and programmes, such as the European Defence Fund.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology has been involved in the implementation of policy in the defence and security industry by:

  • cooperation with the European Commission and other European institutions under the policies concerning the European defence and security industry;
  • contribution to development of competitiveness and innovation of the European technological and industrial base;
  • supporting Polish industry, including in particular of small and medium-sized enterprises and their business capacities in the European projects by implementing the rules of the European Defence Fund and dual-use projects;
  • strengthening international cooperation with the defence industries in the field of research, development and investments
  • promoting export of the Polish defence and security sector products, including supporting the companies in participation in the international fairs;
  • cooperation with the NATO institutions in the field of industry.


European policy on the defence industry

The defence industry in the EU Member States belongs to the most important areas of economic growth. It is highly innovative and focused on engineering and high-end and high-tech technologies. The defence sector affects the electronic, space and aeronautics segments and therefore is of key importance for further development of Europe as the global leader in the production and implementation of innovative solutions for defence and security.

The development of international industrial cooperation, competitiveness of industry, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises of the defence sector and ensuring innovation of the European technological and industrial base is one of the objectives of the European policy.

On 30 November 2016, the European Commission published the Communication entitled the “European Defence Action Plan” announcing a package of initiatives aiming to support competitiveness and innovative capacities of the EU defence industry, development of cooperating under the international research and development projects focused on the advanced technologies and products in line with the priorities in the field of defence capabilities jointly agreed by the EU Member States. The main pillar of initiatives proposed under the Plan is so called the European Defence Fund established on 7 June 2017.

Information on the opportunities from all stages and programmes of the European Defence Fund is available in the “European Defence Fund – cooperation opportunities” tab. 

More information on the European Commission websites (DG DEFIS).

European policy on the security industry

The driving force of development of the European security industry stems from technology and combination of scientific research, innovation and applications in the civil and military fields. The sectoral products and services are diversified and require high scientific and technical performance/ The sector covers the following segments: aviation security, maritime security, border security, critical infrastructure security, counter-terror intelligence (including cyber security and communication), physical security protection, crisis management, protective clothing and space industry.

The European companies are among the global leaders in vast majority of segments of the security sector, however growing international competition of third countries demonstrates the need for the actions ensuring the competitiveness of the EU security industry. The European Commission pursues towards development of the European technological and industrial base of the security sector in order to deliver the technological solutions addressing the social challenges faced by the EU, including terrorism, hybrid threats, climate change and other. The technology is necessary to guarantee security. The European industry is highly innovative and has relevant know-how ensuring the potential for further development. The European policy strives among others towards development of competitiveness and innovation of the technological and industrial base, harmonisation of the systems of certification of priority technologies and standardisation.

Under the EU framework programmes, the European Commission finances the research projects focused on development of the advanced technologies in the field of security, including double-use technologies.

More information on the European Commission website (DG HOME).

Development of international bilateral cooperation with the defence industries

We facilitate cooperation of the Polish producers and suppliers of goods and services intended for military and security purposes with the other foreign entrepreneurs (from the EU and NATO states and the countries interested in bilateral cooperation). Within the tasks of the Department for Trade and International Cooperation, we draw up legal and treaty bases and supervise the implementation of agreements as well as participate in the implementation of already made bilateral agreements on cooperation of defence industries.

Promotion of export of the Polish defence and security sector products

We support promotion of the Polish defence and security industry products on the foreign markets. Our focus is primarily on the initiatives creating a positive image of our country abroad. We also care for strengthening competitiveness of the Polish defence and security industry within the European technological and industrial base of the defence and security sector.