Address data

Al. Jerozolimskie 146C
02-305 Warszawa


Contact person

Krzysztof Namysł
Kierownik Laboratorium


The company's activities

Exemplary products/services : CRUX (COMINT/CESM system), AQUILA (RESM/ESM/ELINT system), CORVUS (spectrum monitoring and technical analysis of COMINT, monitoring and TDoA localization of DME/TACAN signals), TENUS (ELINT monitoring, tracking and technical analysis), C4ISR software for management and system operation of electronic recognition sensors.

Company description

Company activities are based on the following pillars:

– scientific and technical analysis of issues and dedicated design of solutions – devices and systems designed for electronic reconnaissance (Electronic Warfare) and radio-electronic jamming

– production and integration of SIGINT (COMINT/ELINT) reconnaissance devices and systems

– design and production of specialized software for SIGINT (COMINT/ELINT) recognition systems

– implementation and research of SIGINT (COMINT/ELINT) recognition systems

– theoretical courses and training in the theory of SIGINT (COMINT/ELINT) electronic recognition

– practical workshops on SIGINT electronic recognition (COMINT/ELINT).