Address data

ul. Łochowska 69
86-005 Białe Błota
Voivodeship Kujawsko-Pomorskie

phone: +48 52 36 36 201
fax: +48 52 36 36 203

Contact person

Ewa Urbańska
Szef Działu Handlu i Marketingu ds. Produktów Specjalnych

phone: +48 603 338 531

Medium-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, air segment
Sector EDF : Air combat, Force protection and mobility, Ground combat
Types of products/services offered : loitering munition, mine, mine-laying systems, PGZ, warheads
Exemplary products/services : - MPB-ZN anti-tank mine, - MR-123 manually installed anti-tank mine - Controlled anti-tank and anti-vehicle explosive charge SPPŁW Tulipan - Warheads for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with charges of the following types: thermobaric, high-explosive incendiary, HEAT. - Elements of the Baobab-K system automated mine-laying system: throwers, cassettes, anti-tank mines - UZRGM grenade fuse - ZN-97 non-contact fuse

Company description

Bydgoskie Zakłady Elektromechaniczne BELMA SA.

The beginning of the company’s activity dates back to 1868. Starting from a locksmith plant, the company successively produced equipment for the railroad, automotive, armaments, mining industries and realized various industrial services.

At present, it is a modern company in technical and organizational terms, capable of meeting the needs of demanding customers from the country, the European Union and the world. It has adequate technical and production potential and a highly qualified team of experienced engineering and technical staff. The company has its own design offices, where it employs specialists in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering who design modern products. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing systems in the design and production process, as well as years of experience in precision metalworking.

The Company’s offer dedicated to defense includes elements of area protection systems, anti-tank mines, warheads for unmanned ships, fuses for mines and grenades.