Address data

Młyńska 7
83-010 Straszyn
Voivodeship Pomorskie

phone: 586820700
fax: 586832925

Contact person

Large enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : electronics
Sector EDF : Digital transformation, Force protection and mobility, Innovative defence technologies, Sensors
Types of products/services offered : communication systems, modem, systems
Exemplary products/services : DGT 7508EL Tactical Switchboard DGT SWW Softswitch DGT 7510 Hybrid PBX - DGT-IP/TDMA telecommunications system. DGT 3130 BPS/BPSR Modern TDM/VoIP communications. DGT MCS Integrated Dispatching Communication System DGT-IP R Railway Telecommunication System DGT Rec Virtual Recording System DGT NetCRR2 call recorders DGT PTT Connect Group communication system DGT RGW Radio gateways DGT Hetman Alarm and notification digital dispatching system DGT 5810 Dispatcher consoles with touch screen DGT 3490 FN/FNK/FNX Digital system cameras DGT UMAD Data transmission device DGT TRAM Communication module DGT RIOT Universal router

Company description

We are a Polish manufacturer of electronic and telecommunications equipment. Since 1991, the company has completed thousands of different projects for more than two thousand customers.  The vast majority of contracts have been completed for customers operating in the area of critical infrastructure.

We manufacture software and hardware. We have our own modern production line located in Straszyn near Gdansk. We constantly monitor the development of information and communication technology in the world. We compare our own solutions with the world’s technological vanguard. We present our own technological solutions in the world.