Address data

ul. Akacjowa 24/26
42-233 Mykanów
Voivodeship Śląskie

phone: +48 34 366 00 22
fax: +48 34 366 01 02

Contact person

Marek Magierski
Dyrektor ds. Marketingu / Marketing Director

phone: +48 795 501 936

Medium-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, air segment, electronics
Sector EDF : Information Superiority, Materials and components, Sensors, Simulation and training
Types of products/services offered : avionics, electronics, systems, trainings
Exemplary products/services : MX-8, MX-15D cameras, APN209, KRA405B radio altimeters, KFC325 autopilots, winches, AGM HAWKER ArmaSafe UK6TNMF, 12FV120, SBS30 batteries, multiplex systems, KIBES, displays and sensors, manipulators, sensors, indicators, electric motors, 360˚ camera system, avionics and electronics components for aircraft, radio navigation and optoelectronic systems, management consoles.

Company description

DRABPOL—a 40-year-old VAR (Value Added Reseller) company has been working for defense for more than 30 years, providing advanced solutions and equipment for ground troops, military aviation equipment, police, border guards and other uniformed services. With the appropriate certifications and authorizations, it participates in tenders, executes long-term contracts for the supply of products and services.

We supply the country with complete products, spare parts, materials to manufacturing companies such as: Augusta Westland, Airbus Millitary, ROSOMAK, HSW, Bumar Łabędy, Jelcz, PIAP, AMZ Kutno and for Military Units.

We offer complete on-board electronics and avionics systems, genset overhauls, installations, in-house technical studies, system solutions, and customer consulting and training.

We dedicate our solutions to vehicles for military use, aircraft, helicopters, combat fighters, drones, airships and also soldiers themselves. We offer equipment, knowledge and technical thought to create products that give a technological edge. Our company motto: “…reliable by experience!”.