Address data

ul. Śrutowa 5
26-670 Pionki
Voivodeship Mazowieckie

phone: +48 48 385 21 80
fax: +48 48 385 27 90

Contact person

Small-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : Other segments
Sector EDF : Ground combat, Simulation and training
Types of products/services offered : ammunition, powder ammunition
Exemplary products/services : PIK powder ammunition is used to overcome obstacles such as locks and door hinges, CS ammunition additionally contains a chemical tear agent; "Cockchafer" rubber ammunition designed to overpower people , causes a painful impact without causing excessive injury; ONS bang-flash ammunition for signaling and training

Company description

Factory of Hunting Ammunition “FAM-PIONKI” is a manufacturer of sporting, hunting and special ammunition for smoothbore weapons cal. 12, 16, 20.

Among the products intended for the defense sector we offer :

– high-efficiency combat ammunition – W8 MP, LFT 6,8, Super Sabot – intended for immediate elimination of the threat coming from attackers, thanks to high kinetic energy effective during ad hoc breakthrough of technical security, or stopping vehicles by damaging driving elements.

– PIK type powder ammunition – a group of products characterized by high efficiency in overcoming technical obstacles, on which the projectile completely loses energy , disperses without ricocheting, so the ammunition provides a high level of safety for people in the vicinity.

– Tear-producing ammunition, CS type – this ammunition from the PIK group enriched with a chemical tear agent.

– “Cockchafer”, “Bumblebee” rubber ammunition – the effect of this ammunition is a painful impact, not causing excessive injury or severe injury. It allows stopping public order violators during riots, facilitating the apprehension of suspects