Address data

ul. Plac na Grobli 34
50-421 Wrocław

phone: +48 71 305 07 58

Contact person

Dr inż. Piotr Harnatkiewicz

phone: 662123001

Small-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : Other segments
Sector EDF : Air and missile defence, Disruptive technologies, Force protection and mobility, Ground combat, Innovative defence technologies, Materials and components, Space
Types of products/services offered : 3D scanning, CAD design, CFD simulations, computer simulations, design of special tools, durability simulations, durability tests, strain gauge measurements
Exemplary products/services : Computer simulations of the strength of special vehicles, Durability tests for special vehicles, Computer simulations of the design of load-bearing components for special vehicles, Design of special tools, Computer simulations of flying and floating platforms.

Company description

KOMES is an engineering company that has been operating for 11 years in the high-tech segment related to the mechanical industry.

Using CAE software, we build virtual twins of real objects, which allows us to carry out simulation studies of virtual prototypes before they are built, including explosion analyses, dynamic analyses, crash analyses and fatigue strength assessments.

With the aid of CAD programmes, we also carry out design of parts and structures for industry (CAD) and optimisation of structures in terms of strength and functionality.

On actual prototypes, we carry out strain gauge measurements, pressure force measurements, dynamic vibration and acceleration tests, 3D scanning and dynamic strain measurements, blast wave measurements on building structures, dynamic pressure measurements. We carry out measurements under field conditions using HBM, Brüel&Kjær, PCB and Siemens mobile measuring equipment.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we build structure performance monitoring systems based on strain gauges, fibre optic sensors, displacement and vibration sensors.