Address data

ul. Bielska 19
09-412 Ogorzelice
Voivodeship Mazowieckie

phone: +48 24 366 79 00

Contact person

Medium-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment
Sector EDF : Force protection and mobility, Ground combat, Materials and components, Medical response, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN), biotech and human factors
Types of products/services offered : container technologies, containers, modular systems, modules
Exemplary products/services : Military mobile container systems with office, residential, sanitary, social, medical equipment, as well as casinos, canteens, offices for classified offices, weapons storage, server rooms, cold rooms and guard rooms.

Company description

Modular System is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of utility containers and modular systems.

Over the past years, Modular System has been providing turnkey critical infrastructure solutions for the uniformed services and medical care in Poland and abroad. The company’s experience, certifications, Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (MSWiA) concession and professionalism ensure the delivery of functional facilities of diverse nature and purpose within a short period of time. Its own design department, allows the realization of personalized orders, tailored to individual needs.