Address data

al. Kasztanowa 3a-5
53-125 Wrocław
Voivodeship Dolnośląskie

phone: +48 508024185

Contact person

Small-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, naval segment, air segment, Other segments
Sector EDF : Materials and components, Medical response, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN), biotech and human factors, Sensors
Types of products/services offered : designing, sensor
Exemplary products/services : Wireless standalone temperature/deflection sensor (~ up to 200 oC), TRL 9 Wireless passive temperature/deflection sensor (~ up to 200 oC), TRL 6/7 Wireless passive temperature sensor up to ~1700 oC (TRL 4/5)

Company description

Technical consultancy for customer R&D and service projects involving analyses, calculations and simulations. Scope of analyses: structural mechanics, material selection, durability, service life, risk assessment, optimisation, development of recommendations.

Design of technological structures (power plants, industry).

Measurement of physical quantities, mainly vibrations, displacements and more.

Construction of dedicated measuring stations and systems (concept-design-implementation-tests)