Address data

15 Sierpnia 106
96-500 Sochaczew
Voivodeship Mazowieckie

phone: +48 46 863 04 01
fax: +48 46 863 04 03

Contact person

Jarosław Budnicki

phone: +48 605 512 150

Small-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, air segment
Sector EDF : Air and missile defence, Ground combat, Materials and components
Types of products/services offered : nylonbor
Exemplary products/services : Thermal disruption cartridges: TNZ-26; TNZ-811H flares; ŁK-2 HEAT charge.

Company description

Nylonbor Special Production is conducted on the basis of the License No. B-007/2006 issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in the field of manufacturing and trading of explosives. The department offers mainly for the Polish Army and as a cooperator of the Polish Armed Group products such as grenades and smoke bombs, illuminating charges, incendiary charges, parachute aerial targets (for air-to-air shooting training), HEAT charges and thermal disruption cartridges.

During its operation, the company has become a recognized brand in the engineering plastics industry, providing customers with high-quality, domestically produced products such as PA6-G polyamide rods, sleeves and plates.