Address data

Kilińskiego 16
90-209 Łódź
Voivodeship Łódzkie

phone: +48 42 632 10 28
fax: +48 42 288 40 20

Contact person

Medium-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, electronics
Sector EDF : Air and missile defence, Ground combat
Types of products/services offered : pistol, viewfinder, viewfinders
Exemplary products/services : CKE-1T thermal sight, CKE-1N night vision sight, CP-1 programmable sight, CP1-SP programmable sight, CKE-4MR sight for 23 mm naval anti-aircraft guns, OPO-170F sight, OPO-170T thermal sight, OPO-130F sight, OPO-115F sight, WIST 94/94L 9mm pistol, INKA 9mm pistol.

Company description

PREXER Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of products intended for national defence and security. Our offer includes:

– sights for cannons and anti-aircraft sets:

– daylight: CP1-SP, CKE-2I, CKE-4MR, CKE-1, CKE-2,

– night vision: CP-1, CKE-1N, CKE-2N,

– thermovision: CKE-1T, CKE-1LT;

– observation instruments – periscopes (glass and acrylic) equipped with a heating system and anti-laser filters, installed on armoured vehicles;

– 9 mm military pistols WIST 94 and WIST 94L with laser pointer;

– electronic and optoelectronic assemblies, including: laser rangefinder components, night vision and thermal imaging assemblies;

– reconnaissance and surveillance system components.


In recent years, prototypes of day-night periscopes have been developed: with the OPO-170N night vision channel and with the OPO-170T thermal imaging module.

A jamming system for unmanned aerial vehicles is currently under development.


PREXER Sp. z o.o. specialises in the production of customised equipment and systems used in all types of armed forces, at home and abroad. Our offer is very flexible, the solutions offered are tailored to individual customer requirements.