Address data

ul. Hutnicza 3
81-212 Gdynia

phone: +48 58 7655 666
fax: +48 58 7655 662

Contact person

Tomasz Onak
Kierownik Działu Obsługi Klienta Zagranicznego

phone: 58 7655 625

Large enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, electronics
Sector EDF : Digital transformation, Information Superiority, Innovative defence technologies
Types of products/services offered : radio communication station, radmor
Exemplary products/services : COMP@N handheld SDR radio, F@STNET radio station, R35010 personal soldier radio, 3501 tactical handheld radio

Company description

RADMOR S.A. operates in the field of national defence and security. Manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art communication equipment for armed forces including programmable SDR radios.

RADMOR S.A., together with its partners from Finland, France, Spain, Sweden and Italy, sets the new European standards in military radio communication based on software technologies (ESSOR), is the leader in the national project of a new programmable mobile radio for the Polish Armed Forces, develops in cooperation with WB Electronics the new handheld radio under the TYTAN solder of the future programme and manufactures and supplies a variety of personal radios on the foreign markets, including the new family of the COMP@N programmable handheld radios.

Since 2011, RADMOR has been the part of the WB GROUP – the largest private consortium of the military sector offering the most advanced solutions for armed forces throughout the world in such areas as:

communication, command, reconnaissance and weapon control systems

unmanned systems of various classes

IT and cybersecurity systems

supply and modernisation of military equipment