Address data

Starołęcka 18
61-361 Poznań
Voivodeship Wielkopolskie


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Large enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, naval segment, air segment
Sector EDF : Materials and components
Types of products/services offered : gaskets, masses, PGZ, rubbers, shock absorbers, tires
Exemplary products/services : - masses for PT72, BWP, Leopard 2PL, developed for Krab - wheels for ZU-23-2 and PSR-A Pilica - military tyres 12.00-20 - tyres and inner tubes for combat, training and specialised aircraft and helicopters - rubber elements for 120 mm missiles - shock absorbers, seals, chokes and other components for all types of military vehicles - rubber compounds (semi-finished products)

Company description

Production of rubber and rubber-metal products for military and civilian purposes, production of rubber compounds for, among others, leading tyre manufacturers.