Address data

ul. Toruńska 59
85-023 Bydgoszcz

phone: +48 792 356 675

Contact person

Agnieszka Sybilska
Head of R&D, Project Manager

phone: +48 662 255 160

The company's activities

Sector of activity : Other segments
Sector EDF : Cyber, Disruptive technologies, Innovative defence technologies, Sensors, Space
Exemplary products/services : ABOT – dedicated software suite for robotic observatories WebPlan – managing and observing time allocation of a network of sensors, catalogue of space objects, services incl. collision avoidance, maneuver support Astrometry24.NET / LightStream – tool for optical data processing and precise astrometry

Company description

Sybilla Technologies is a company dedicated to products for automatic acquisition and analysis of space observations, including ABOT, WebPlan, Astrometry24.NET/LightStream. The company focuses on organizing, scheduling and sharing access time from optical observatories, with the aim of providing real-time global space monitoring capabilities and Space Traffic Management support.

Sybilla provides expert solutions in the field of sensor coordination, data processing and analysis in order to obtain orbital information and characterization of SST objects, as well as interfaces and standardization of results.

Sybilla’s products and solutions are used and developed as part of national and international projects, including, for example, participation in the EDF (SPRING) and EDIDP (SAURON, INTEGRAL) projects, managing the international ESA consortium in the EON (European Optical Network) project. In addition, the company provides data to the EU SST (European Space Surveillance and Tracking) consortium and designs and delivers observatories for POLSA (Polish Space Agency).