Address data

ul. Radiowa 13
01-485 Warszawa
Voivodeship Mazowieckie

phone: +48 22 749 79 00
fax: + 48 261 837 214

Contact person

Aleksandra Szmitkowska

phone: +48 884 075 887

Large enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : air segment
Types of products/services offered : oxygen distributors, PGZ, power supplies
Exemplary products/services : Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Ground Power Units (GPU), LUZES V/D series V GPU, LUZES II/M series VI GPU, LZE-6/M series III GPU, Distributors: LDA/N Airfield Nitrogen LDP/N –Airfield Air Distributor, LDT/N Airfield Oxygen Distributor, Gasifiers: LGA/N Airfield Nitrogen Distributor, LGT/N Airfield Oxygen Distributor, LSP/N series II Airfield Air Compressor, LZH/N series II Airfield Hydraulic Power Unit, LO-115/260-D Load Bank, BESKID simulators for T-72 & PT-91 tank crews, ORTLES infantry combat vehicle simulators for BMP-1, STOPFIRE® fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system , Ground Support Equipment for the individual customer’s needs

Company description

The main area of operation of the Wojskowe Centralne Biuro Konstrukcyjno-Technologiczne S.A. (WCBKT S.A.) is the construction and manufacturing of technologically advanced defence equipment.

We have been operating in the field of national defence and security for more than 50 years. In this period, we have secured the needs of the Polish Armed Forces from the construction of laser prototypes and electron microscopes, training equipment to aircraft ground support equipment.

The Company is the only Polish enterprise and one of the very few in the world, which provides comprehensive equipment to the military airports in own GSE.

As the owners of the implemented solutions we have unrestricted capacities in modifying and modernisation of the offered equipment and provide full service and maintenance services throughout the product life-cycle.

The Company manufactures also the hangar and airport equipment dedicated to civil airports as well as technological lines for the CARGO terminals, each time tailored to the individual customer needs.

The areas of operation of the Company includes also research, development and implementation works in the field of aviation technique, equipment designing, preliminary and qualification testing, manufacture of equipment on the basis of own or provided technical documentation, guarantee and post-guarantee service of equipment, repairs, renovations and modernisations and adaptation of equipment to the individual user needs.

The company produces the STOPFIRE® fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system in tanks and fighting vehicles, detection sub-system of which was developed in the Military University of Technology. This system is used in the BORSUK new amphibious infantry fighting vehicle developed and implemented into line production by the consortium led by Huta Stalowa Wola S.A.