Address data

Plac Kaszubski 8/311
81-350 Gdynia
Voivodeship Pomorskie

phone: + 48 662 177 910

Contact person

Dariusz Wichniarek
Dyrektor ds. Rozwoju Biznesu

phone: +48 606 309 446

Medium-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : air segment
Sector EDF : Air and missile defence, Air combat, Disruptive technologies, Force protection and mobility, Innovative defence technologies, Materials and components, Sensors, Simulation and training
Types of products/services offered : radar systems
Exemplary products/services : 1. Portable CUAS SKYctrl system - extremely fast installation time, proven in the battlefield. 2. Mobile SKYctrl system - fully modular and customizable comprehensive anti-drone system. 3. Containerized SKYctrl system - integrated into a mobile container, full system functionality both on the vehicle and in the field.

Company description

Advanced Protection Systems S.A. is a high-tech company, whose shareholders are Polish individuals, operating in the defense sector. The company has developed and commercialized the scalable, modular SKYctrl system for BSP combat, which is used to identify, track, classify and neutralize drones.

The backbone of the SKYctrl system is the FIELDctrl radars, which are based on proprietary, unique 3 Dimentional Multipule Input – Multiple Output (MIMO) radar technology. The SKYctrl systems and FIELDctrl radars are entirely proprietary solutions from APS, developed in-house without assistance from third parties. The technology underlying APS radars and systems is free of ITAR restrictions, and all components are manufactured by APS in Poland.