Address data

ul. Olchowa 14
35-322 Rzeszów
Voivodeship Podkarpackie


Contact person

Anna Protasowicka

phone: +48 502 737 490

Asseco Poland

Large enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, naval segment, air segment, Other segments
Sector EDF : Cyber, Disruptive technologies, Force protection and mobility, Ground combat, Information Superiority, Innovative defence technologies, Naval combat, Sensors, Simulation and training
Types of products/services offered : asseco, simulators, software
Exemplary products/services : Mayfly UAV (class I – micro) – supplied in 2022 to the Polish Armed Forces. Mayfly EVP UAV (class I – mini). Cobra UAV (class I – small). Asseco Ground Control Software. Asseco Ground Control Station.

Company description

Asseco Poland is the largest Polish IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and 6th largest software developer in Europe. It has been offering technologically advanced products and services to the companies and institutions for 30 years.  Asseco Poland leads the international Asseco Group operating in 60 countries and employing 30,400 people. The company is the recognised solution provider for the Polished uniformed services and expands its activity in the defence sector.

Asseco Poland gained its experience by managing the projects, including among others for the Ministry of National Defence, NATO (e.g. NATO Computer Incident Response Capability) and the Frontex Agency. The competences acquired during the deployments for the international institutions are used by the company in the tenders under the Polish Armed Forces modernisation programme, including: command system, imaging analysis system, unmanned aerial vehicles of micro and mini class and IT security systems.