Address data

ul. Szczecińska 65
80-392 Gdańsk
Voivodeship Pomorskie

phone: +48 58 307 46 97
fax: +48 58 301 16 83

Contact person

Large enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, naval segment
Sector EDF : Energy resilience and environmental transition, Force protection and mobility, Ground combat, Naval combat, Underwater warfare
Types of products/services offered : designing, scientific research
Exemplary products/services : Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEM) and model tests of modern warships: frigates, corvettes, offshore patrol vessels, amphibious assault ships, navy tugs, navy diving support vessels, navy riverine support patrol vessels, landing ships, landing crafts, Laboratory tests of weapons, grenades, electronics, etc.

Company description

Maritime Advanced Research Centre, (CTO S.A.) is a modern, multidisciplinary research and design centre. Since 50 years the company is a well-recognized supplier of R&D services and expertise in the field of marine technology as well as environmental engineering. The scope of the CTO’s activities includes:

– vibration (upto 3000 kg) and shock testing (upto 250 g )

– acoustic induced vibration tests (upto 147 dB)

– corrosion tests

– wind induced resistance test

– other environmental tests (temperature, IR and UV light, etc)

Naval tests:

  1. Experimental model tests of ships in towing tanks and wind.
  2. Cavitation and hydroacoustic experimental model tests of marine propulsors.
  3. Computational analyses within structural mechanics (FEM) and fluid dynamics (CFD)
  4. Tests of floating fighting vehicles
  5. Prediction of nautical properties (resistance, self-propulsion, 3D wake, seakeeping, manoeuvring)

6. Design of propellers, rudders and dynamic positioning systems of ships