Address data

ul. Konieczki
41-140 Panki
Voivodeship Śląskie

phone: +48 34 310 93 00
fax: +48 34 317 98 31

Contact person

Maciej Włodarski
Export Manager


Large enterprise

The company's activities

Sector EDF : Ground combat, Medical response, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN), biotech and human factors
Types of products/services offered : bulletproof vest, bulletproof vests, gas masks, masks, PGZ, protective helmets, vests
Exemplary products/services : - ROCK ONE bulletproof vest, - KKZ-01 bulletproof vest, - Integrated bulletproof vest KWM-02, - HP-05 ballistic helmet, - HB-04 ballistic helmet, - Police Protective Helmet KPO-04, - Gas Mask MP-6 with combined filter-absorber FP-6 - Filter-absorber FP-WIKA-CBRN

Company description

PSO MASKPOL SA is a company which is part of the Polish Armed Forces Group.

PSO MASKPOL S.A. is a leading Polish plant in the armament industry, with modern research facilities and the latest production technologies.

The plant manufactures ballistic protection products: helmets and bulletproof vests; anti-chemical protection products: gas masks and protective clothing; and preventive protection products. The main customers for our products are the military, police and border guards. All our products provide the highest level of protection and are characterised by high ergonomic indicators. Our products are constantly being modernised so that we are able to meet our customers’ expectations.