Address data

Mazowiecka 17
50-412 Wrocław
Voivodeship Dolnośląskie

phone: 71 34 38 388
fax: 71 34 38 388

Contact person

Małgorzata Nataluk
International Relations Manager

phone: +48 605 035 567

Large enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, air segment
Sector EDF : Force protection and mobility
Types of products/services offered : generators, hangar, hangars, rekord, tent, tents
Exemplary products/services : RFS-type hangars with a system of gates designed to support military equipment including aircraft, helicopters. Social and living halls with accommodation, kitchen, canteen equipment, field infrastructure. MNT- military technical tent securing the performance of maintenance and repair work on armaments and military equipment in field conditions. Rental, production, design and sale of tent halls and equipment in accordance with the intended use, such as hangars, workshops, garages, accommodation, canteens, kitchens, other social.

Company description

Equipment that allows you to configure the facility according to its intended use and the development of external infrastructure: comprehensive equipment for sleeping halls, field kitchens including container kitchens, canteens, washing containers, container coolers, field laundries, generators, air conditioners, heaters, container boiler houses, lighting masts, forklifts, fences, liquid tanks, fuel tanks, sanitary facilities, car washes, temporary roads, substructure. “Rekord” is a partner in the Polish and European market for seasonal and year-round tent halls. In 2004, the company received the NATO Entity Code and was included as a supplier of services and equipment to the allied armies. We provide supplies and services for the Polish, American, German and English armies. Since 2010, the company has been a participant in the “Reliable Company” program and has a certificate of reliability certifying the absence of overdue liabilities listed in the Polish Debt Register Economic Information Office S.A.