Address data

Powstańców 5/7
41-100 Siemianowice Śląskie
Voivodeship Śląskie

phone: +48 32 228 57 51

Contact person

Wojciech Zubko

phone: +48 32 6645328

Medium-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment
Sector EDF : Air and missile defence, Innovative defence technologies
Types of products/services offered : PGZ, Rosomak
Exemplary products/services : Rosomak 8x8 vehicle family e.g. Wheeled Armoured Vehicle in the Control and Command Vehicle version, Artillery Reconnaissance Vehicle, Technical Reconnaissance Vehicle, Technical Support Vehicle, Heavy Wheeled Evacuation and Technical Rescue Vehicle (CKPEIRT)

Company description

We are specialists in manufacturing, development and servicing combat vehicles. Our products have been tested in military missions, while the quality of designs incorporated by our solutions contributes to the safety of the modern soldier.  We provide solutions based on the latest technology backed by extensive knowledge and research. We also provide comprehensive training, development works and support services at each stage of use of our products. Our commitment makes our customers feel safe and secure throughout the product life. Our long-term experience allowed us to precisely identify the problem and find the perfect solution guaranteeing success of any mission. Our experts provide high quality of care, comprehensive technical knowledge and creative approach to solving the problems both in the country and abroad.