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ul. Bolesława Krzywoustego 1 B
81-035 Gdynia
Voivodeship Pomorskie


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Small-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment, air segment, electronics, Other segments
Sector EDF : Materials and components, Space
Types of products/services offered : AI, artificial intelligence, ITC solutions, rocket, rocket technologies, rockets
Exemplary products/services : PERUN suborbital rocket IMU inertial unit and rocket control system RASEL autonomous tracking and communication system Tubes, nozzles and other structures made of composite / ablative materials Ultra-low noise X-band frequency generator Solid-state amplifier for X-band Microwave filters - design, production, tuning

Company description

SpaceForest from Gdynia specialises in microwave technology, artificial intelligence, advanced electronics and rocket technologies. Combining competences from many fields, it develops its activities in the market of satellite telecommunication systems, terrestrial radio communication, and universal research rocket technologies.

One of the company’s areas of activity is the development of solutions in European Space Agency projects, which have so far led to the development of low-noise high-frequency generators and solid-state power amplifiers. The devices designed by SpaceForest meet the very stringent requirements needed to ensure high signal quality and trouble-free operation.

Currently, one of SpaceForest’s key projects is the development of a commercial suborbital rocket called PERUN, capable of lifting a 50 kg payload to a minimum altitude of 100 km.
Thanks to the competence built up over the years and the successive expansion of production capacity, SpaceForest’s most important products in the coming years are becoming:

– Transceiver systems in the space and ground segment.

– Telemetry and rocket control systems

– Radar technologies

– Suborbital rocket and rocket components and subsystems