Address data

ul. Obornicka 136
50-961 Wrocław
Voivodeship Dolnośląskie

phone: +4871 3474440
fax: +4871 3474450

Contact person

Patrycja Wojcieszyńska

phone: +48713474421

Medium-sized enterprise

The company's activities

Sector of activity : land segment
Sector EDF : Disruptive technologies, Ground combat, Innovative defence technologies, Materials and components, Medical response, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN), biotech and human factors, Sensors
Types of products/services offered : disposal, field fortification, hazardous materials disposal, mine warfare means, mine-laying & mine clearance equipment, power generators
Exemplary products/services : Innovative Modular Solar Charger; Individual Filter for Water Purification; Multi-band Camouflage Coating; Mines and Reconnaissance Kit; Explosive Ordnance Mine Vehicle; Cumulative Charge Mine in Composite Casing; Engineering Mine System; Guided Anti-Personnel Mine System; Innovative Flexible Photovoltaic Coating; Individual Camouflage Screen.

Company description

The Institute carries out: scientific and research, research-construction and implementation works, as well as conducting operational research and performing expert opinions in the field of engineering equipment for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces.

The Institute’s core business is to conduct scientific research and research and development work in the field of mine-resistant equipment and agents, mine and demining systems, shelter and concealment systems, camouflage and reconnaissance engineering equipment and equipment and agents for water quality treatment and assessment, electrical and electronic systems, power generating sets, engineering machinery, bridge and repair equipment and renewable energy.

The institute provides services for both military and civilian entities in the following areas: assessment of surface and underground water quality, remote temperature measurement with processing and visualisation of results, registration and analysis of phenomena accompanying explosions, studies of the impact of environmental factors, localisation of metal objects deposited in soils and polonisation of equipment purchased abroad. It provides training in newly developed equipment and in the manufacture and marketing of explosives, weapons, ammunition and products and technology for military and police use.